Collectors Edition

Collectors Edition

Welcome Jman at Magic Gate I am Jman and Magic Gate is the our topic today collecting and the thrill of the hunt.  As a gamer I am basically a hoarder. Games have taught me to collect everything. Pinball games had gamers trying to collect extra balls.  In PAC-Man gamers are collecting food. Games got better and collections got more intense.

Super Mario Bros has gamers learn that collecting coins lead to extra lives and collecting mushrooms lead to becoming stronger.  Duck Hunt lead to collecting ducks the ducks became higher scores. Even Tetris gave the illusion of collection when each new line was completed and the player saw a bright light and a celebratory noise.

Games continue to progress and turn collecting into mini games.  Tony Hawk’s pro skater had a mini game allowing players to find skater tapes during the rounds to help lead to completionist rating.  Madden games in the early 2000 had a card collection mini game. For this the player would earn cards by playing games they would also earn coins to purchase more cards.  Some cards were player cards, cheat cards, team cards, or cheerleader cards. Gran Turismo and other racing games have players collecting cars and licenses.

The Jurassic Park game had a goal for collecting Dino eggs.  Marvel’s Spider-man has players collect backpacks and costumes.  Most hand to hand combat games have players collect more characters and outfits.

Many mobile games have the player collect things.  Pokemon Go is all about collecting Pokemon. Injustice Gods Among Us the app both one and two is about having fighters and gaining as many fighters in the game as possible.  The same is true for Marvel’s Contest of Heroes. Disney’s Emoji Blitz is about collecting Disney Emojis that have powers during the match with is a bejeweled style of matching game where the player matches three like tiles.  Disney’s Emoji Blitz also allow for the player to collect other themed emojis that get added to the players personal emoji collection to send to other real people.

This makes gamers the ultimate collectors as we collect things in every games.  As gamers we have learned to explore everything. I have been hoarding things for a long time yet they are not crowding my house and making it hard to walk around it.  As a gamer I have found all kinds of items, characters, outfits, guns, coins, bananas, cherries, Pokemon, backpacks, emojis, and a lot more interesting things. What did you like to collect?  I look forward to you corrections………eh……….I mean your thoughts thank you for reading.


The LEGO Universe

Welcome to Jman at magic gate.  I am Jman and magic gate is LEGO games today.  LEGO games? What are those? LEGO games are games put out by the LEGO company and Warner Brothers.  Where the player play as a LEGO piece. Early LEGO games were based on movies Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings,  The began to get more creative and have done three Batman games, Two Marvel Heroes games, A DC villains games, and Dimensions which was similar to Skylanders.  Why is this important?

LEGO games allow the player to run around in a LEGO world.  What is fun about this is the player can construct LEGO items such as in Star Wars by playing through the levels the player will construct the ships.  Also running around the LEGO world the player is free to destroy almost anything in sight. The results of that destruction is a gift of studs which are the currency of this Universe.  The value of each stud is based on its color.

In the early games there was no dialogue considering that the player is using a LEGO and LEGO’s don’t talk.  In later games they added dialogue from the movies, but LEGO’s don’t talk so the game play they continued not to.  Finally, the LEGOS began to talk as if the whole of the story was imaginative. Where as it is as if the story were taking place in someone’s imagination either an unknown silent Narrator, or the players imagination, or in an unknown unseen child’s imagination.  Whoever is imaging these stories has a very active imagination.

This is because of Dimensions  Dimensions connects the Lord of the Rings, the LEGO Movie, and the Batman games.  Where Gandalf of Lord of the Rings, Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie, and Batman from the Batman games.  Where these three jump between universes or Dimensions some of them are owned by Fox Such as The Simpsons.  Others are owned by Universal such as Back to the Future and Jurassic Park/World. Yes they have Warner Brothers owned titles as mentioned at the top of this paragraph.

This whole thought that the LEGO Dimensions characters have joined together then move between different areas.  This makes me think that the whole of the LEGO games are all connected. So thank you for reading this today. I look forward to your corrections……………I am mean I look forward to your thoughts.  Once again thank you from reading.

New England Patriots at Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII (53)

New England Patriots at Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII (53)

Welcome to Jman at Magic Gate.  I am Jman and Magic Gate this time is Madden and other football games.  This is Super Week the week of the Super Bowl as of this video we are five days out from the big game.  Super Bowl LIII (53) will be the Los Angeles Rams host the New England Patriots at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta the home of the Atlanta Falcons.

Football and Video Games go together like chips and salsa or bad calls on a Divisional Championship Sunday.  Alright maybe too soon. However, Football video games go back a long way. My grandpa has a an old handheld football game a precursor to a Game Boy, but about the same size.  It did not have a digital screen it was really just blinking lights. You were only on offensive during the game being able to run or pass.

Then in the nineties there were games like Super Tecmo Bowl on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Other games were ABC’s Sunday Night Football on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Backyard Football, Blitz, NFL 2K Sports, And of Course the John Madden.  Now known only as Madden and the year that season’s Super Bowl will take place this current season’s Super Bowl is in 2019 so this year’s Madden is Madden 2019.

John Madden Football has been the king of not only Football games, but all games.  EA Sports is the creator of Madden. Each year EA Sports simulates the Super Bowl. This year they have the New England Patriots winning.  EA sports predicts the New England Patriots with 27 and the Los Angeles Rams with 30 points making the final score 30 – 27. So I thought I would play as the game twice as both teams I do not have Madden 19 instead I have Madden 16. Instead of a normal fifteen minute quarters like they will have in the Super Bowl I went with five minute quarters.  I also chose to play in pro mode that is like medium difficulty. I flipped a coin to decide who I played as first and the Los Angeles Rams who were the home team I played as first. Because I the Los Angeles Rams will always be the second team name shown. These are my results.

The first game consisted of a large amount of good amounts of offense.  Even though at the end of the first quarter the score was New England Patriots 3 – Los Angeles Rams 0.  The first half of the first game is did not seem like there was a lot of offense with two interceptions one by each team in the second quarter.  Another big event during the second quarter the New England Patriots were on offense when one of the wide receivers fumbled the football recovered his own football then ran it in for the touchdown.  This was reviewed and stood. At half time the score was New England Patriots 10 – Los Angeles Rams 3. The Third quarter is when the offense of the game stepped up when Los Angeles Rams threw a 77 yard touchdown pass the longest pass of the game.  The third quarter ended with a score of New England Patriots 17 – Los Angeles Rams 10. The fourth quarter was very boring no one scored no one took the ball away making the final score New England Patriots 17 – Los Angeles Rams 10. Some game stats that I thought were important were total yard and time of possession.  The New England Patriots total yards was 295 yards with a time of possession of 11:46. The Los Angeles Rams total yards 229 with a time of possession 8:14. Personally I do not like it when I lose when playing Madden however the overall ranking of each team was in favor of the New England Patriots having an overall ranking of 94 and the Los Angeles Rams overall ranking of 82 which is a big difference and at such a disadvantage I only lost by seven points.

The second game was a very different game defense won out during this game.  Since I played at the Los Angeles Rams in the first game I played as the New England Patriots in the second game.  The first quarter ended in a tie New England Patriots 0 – Los Angeles Rams 0 and each team exchanging punts. This game stayed slow with New England Patriots scoring once for a half time score of New England Patriots 7 – Los Angeles Rams 0.  More defense took over with a New England Patriots defense recovering a fumble and running it 60 plus yards for a touchdown making it the only time the New England Patriots held the ball during the third quarter. The third quarter ended with a score of New England Patriots 14 – Los Angeles Rams 0.  The fourth quarter had the New England Patriots taking away the ball with an interception. There was also a booth review this game during the fourth quarter this one was reversed making it second and goal on the one yard line with 1:44 to go. The final score of this game was New England Patriots 21 – Los Angeles Rams 0.  The New England Patriots completely shutting out the Los Angeles Rams. Just like in the first game here are the stats New England Patriots total yards 198 with a time of possession of 12:37. The amount of time I had the ball as the New England Patriots totally surprised me. I do not remember them having the ball at all during the third quarter except during that 60 yard fumble recovery.  The Los Angeles Rams total yards 240 with a time of possession of 7:22.

This will not be the first time these two teams will have played each other in Super Bowl XXXVI (36). The New England Patriots winning with 20 and the St. Louis Rams 17.  The final score looked like 20-17 New England. The Rams who at the time were in St. Louis are now back in Los Angeles. My wife and I like to watch the Super Bowl form the comfort of our own couch with delivery.  Considering my team did not make the Super Bowl this year I really only want to watch for the commercials. This year the price for each thirty seconds of air time is $5.3 million. That looks like $5,300,000.00. So for that much money I hope it is being spent well.

Based on having played as both teams, What EA Sports Madden 19 simulation have found with the Los Angeles Rams winning, and the last time these two teams faced each other in the Super Bowl.  The Results of all four has the New England Patriots as the winners. So I will predict that the New England Patriots will win their second Super bowl in three years making this their sixth all time Super bowl wins.

I will call it New England Patriots 28 – Los Angeles Rams 27.  Thank you for reading today. I am excited for Sunday’s Super bowl.  However I am not looking forward to who might win. I am also not looking forward to any bad or missed calls they alway seem to get worse in the playoffs and Super bowl.  I am looking forward to the next season of the NFL. I am also looking forward to the new AAF Alliance of American Football. The last thing I am looking forward to is your corrections……er……..thoughts on this topic.

Heartbreaking Moments

Heartbreaking Moments

Welcome to Jman at Magic Gate.  I am Jman and today MagicGate is all about life’s heartbreaking moments found in video games.  Life has its heartbreaking moments. Times where we a friend dies. Other times when a friend becomes a foe.  Other times where all hope seems lost. As we ask does life imitate art or does art imitate life? I am calling video games art because of all the effort and the beauty involved in creating them.  As far as the age old question at times both can be true. As deep as that topic can go we are going to look at those moments in video games that broke our hearts or at least my heart. If I miss one add it to the comments.

The Last of Us is a post apocalyptic zombie killing game.  The Last of Us is played in third person mode and it is all about stealth not one of my favorite ways to play.  Zombies on there own is heartbreaking with all the lives lost so quickly. The Last of Us has at minimum about four heart wrenching moments with separation where as soon as the player has recovered from one moment the player is hit again.  In the interest of not spoiling I will describe the first moment. On the night of the zombie breakout the main character Joel whom the player has not started playing as yet instead the player is his daughter whose name I forgotten. During this chapter the player as the daughter, Joel, and his brother are all trying to escape a town to a less populated area.  As the Escape gets closer the player switches to Joel an on duty twitchy officer fires a round near a zombie in Joel’s direction while Joel is holding his daughter. A stray bullet strikes the little girl and the game starts off with this intense heart breaker. And the moments only get worse from there.

Ratchet and Clank is an off planet adventure played in third person mode it is a variation of a platform game with a little bit of camera control issues.  Ratchet is a Lombax an alien creature. Clank is a robot that was defective because it was not made to specified instructions he was then discarded from the space station factory which had built him.  This is the original Ratchet and Clank for the PlayStation 2. I am a lot less concerned with spoilers here because it has been around for a long enough time. Ratchet finds and saves Clank. Clank fixes Ratchet spaceship when the ship is fixed a message hidden in Clank is freed to show the galaxy is in danger.  Ratchet thinks the best way to solve this problem is to take it to his hero Captain Quark. Once they get close enough to talk to the Captain, the Captain reveals that he is the Villain of this story. Ratchet who is now showing how distraught he is. Clank is a robot and shows that he is not empathic. It was not bad enough that the best person to help turned out to be a coward,  but this leads to a rift between these two friends. I personally relate more to Ratchet more. So watching him get hit twice like this hurts me. Thankfully this is not the end of the story it is the end of what I will talk about. This was a moment for me where two friends were at odds but with so many more Ratchet and Clank games we know they become good friends again.

Fallout 4 is an RPG (Role Playing Game), FPS (First Person Shooter).  We have talked about the date on which Fallout took place October 23 2077.  At the start of the game the player gets to choose if they would like to play as a male or a female.  After this you walk around your house meet you child and set your characteristics. This is the day that the bombs fall and your character and their family are rushed to the fallout shelter where it is understood when it has been waited out they will release everyone.  However the player is placed in a freezer along with everyone else that was brought to this fallout shelter. The spouse of the player is handed their child and frozen holding the child. The next thing the player sees is their spouses freezer being opened the child being ripped out of that person’s hands and then that person is shot the player is then refrozen and until the players freezer breaks.  With no idea of how long the player has been frozen. Also realizing that the players spouse is dead and child is missing the player quickly realizes that all the other people that were frozen were also dead. The player is the only one alive in a fallout shelter as far as the player knows everyone outside of the fallout shelter is also dead. This is a gut wrenching moment of complete hopelessness where the player has no items and is unsure if anyone else in the world is even alive anyway.  As the game progress from this point the player quickly finds other people who are alive and friendly to aid on the players journey some of these people will even offer to travel with the player.

Heartbreaking moments in video games are to make us feel like the characters are real.  It does not matter if they are aliens, robots, or from the future these characters show real raw emotions that would cause even non-empaths to feel the pain too.  These moments give me pause as I think about what would I do in this situation. Joel waited years before he could take any real action again after losing his daughter.  Ratchet may not have liked Clank at that moment, but knew that there was a bigger threat to the galaxy at large. Even after losing everything home, family, and the prospects of the rest of the world still going on that journey is hard.  For me the heartbreak of those games sticks around. As I already asked what heartbreaking moments are you still dealing with if I missed them. As always I look forward to your corrections……er……I mean your thoughts thank you for reading.

Is Fighting Just A Dance?

Is Fighting Just A Dance?

Welcome to Jman at Magic Gate, I am Jman and Magic Gate is the video games we are talking about today.   Hand to hand fighting games have been in video games for a long time. Form Arcade games to in home consoles.  What makes fighting different from dancing? When I watch fist fighting in movies and on stage it is just as choreographed as a dance.  Some people say life is a dance and others see life as a fight. Both can be fast paced or very slow. Some are intended for only two people while others require a vast party.

For the purposes of Today’s blog we will be focusing more on fighting more specifically hand to hand fighting games.  This is mostly because there are so few dancing games. Also I have already talked about a hand to hand fighting game.  I have talked about Injustice a D.C. Comics hand to hand fighting video game.

Other hand to hand fighting games are Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Tekken, and Soul Calibur.  These games are called hand to hand fighting games because they take fighters and have them face off against each other.  These games tend to have some similarities. For instance they typically have a story mode and an arcade mode some more recent games have a survival mode too.  Each of these games also has similar characters one required character is based off of the actual actor Bruce Lee.

The way these fighting games work as the player you have the option of picking any one of the characters. Each character has strengths and weaknesses.  For instance if you pick a heavy they will hit harder but be slower. While a light character might be faster however they will not hit as hard. If you pick a someone in the middle they won’t be the fast or hit hard they will have good defense. Once a character is picked then the fighting starts in rounds or stages.  In some cases fighting is done in best of three or just two rounds with a knockout. As the player wins they move on to the next fight.

As this seems like the whole of what a hand to hand fighting game consists of there is more.  In some games you can unlock more outfits. In other games unlocking more characters is important.  Some want the player to unlock trophies. One of my favorite parts of Injustice is before each fight there is a little banter between the players character and the other fighter.

So why play these fighting games?  Hand to Hand fighting games are all about the strategy.  Now I will admit that I am unable to complete anything from medium or harder.  There is however a strategy to these fights because if you are a heavy fighting a light character that means planning ones moves accordingly.

What do you like about hand to hand fighting games?  Thank you for your time and for reading today. I hope you have learned a little about hand to hand fighting video games.  As always I look forward to your corrections……er……I mean your thoughts.

Burnout Better As A Game

Burnout Better As A Game

Welcome to Jman at Magic Gate.  Jman is my name let me take you to Magic Gate where we will look today at Burnout and why I would rather not live out that game.  Thank you for allowing me to have a Christmas break. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years celebrations.

About a week or so before Christmas my wife and I went out to look at Christmas lights.  Unfortunately we were involved in an accident with another vehicle. It was scary and it was confusing and I still don’t really know what happened.

This experience reminds me of a video game.  I used to play a racing game called Burnout. Burnout had many different challenges.  The most entertaining of challenges was to cause as much property damage as possible in a single accident.  With in a short amount of track find the best place to cause an accident. The player would have their choice of vehicle sedan, wagon, truck, SUV, police car, or van and any other choices in some cases they player was given a car for the job.

In one of the games in the series the player had an option to blow their chosen vehicle up once the original carnage had been completed to attempt a higher score.  I had much fun with these games. It was fun to cause such massive amounts of property damage.

Now that I put this into my blog and have already been in such an accident IRL (In Real Life).  I realize if I were to live to cause car accidents I would have very shot nerves. Also so far as my Jman at Magic Gate blog is concerned.  This fits into the classification of dark games. If you have not already done so also read my blog Is It Dark In Here? Where I talk about the theme of games being Dark.  Burnout is no exception. If the player is the same driver each time as I said they would have very shot nerves. But each accident should leave the driver of the car responsible dead.  That would the case in which the car can be blown up to increase the players point value.

This means that each level of Burnout the player is new driver of each car.  I said earlier I would tell you why I wouldn’t want to live in this world. I was just involved in a car accident and I still remember the crunching of steel.  The shaking of the car as it collided with the other car. I still feel my heart beating with adrenaline and worry fear and confusion. For days I spent wondering I was a bad driver.  Replaying the moment of impact in my head over and over again trying to make sure I did not do anything to intentionally to cause the impact.

If I were to live in the world created by Burnout I would be in constant fear of such a terrible fate not just once but over and over and over again.  As a non playable character (NPC) I would go insane in the world of Burnout.

What was your last accident like?  Would you find any enjoyment living in the world of Burnout?  Thank you for reading today. I look forward to reading your corrections………er………..I mean your thoughts on what I have said today.

Christmas In Video Games

Christmas In Video Games.

Merry Christmas and welcome to Jman at MagicGate. I am Jman and magicgate is the games we talk about.  Today I wanted to talk about Christmas moments in video games. From games that take place on Christmas Eve and day Like Arkham Origins and Home Alone.  To games that have special Easter eggs on December 25th IRL. I will admit that Google will be my friend as I fact check myself and find more information.

Arkham Origins this is one of those games that takes place on the night of Christmas Eve.  Other games that do this are the Home Alone which follows the plot of the movie as far as the main character missed the family Christmas trip and is stuck at home while burglars try to break into his family home.  This is not a complete list of Christmas games some are silly like Elf Bowling where the player is Santa and knocks down the elves as if they are pins. I also found a how the Grinch stole Christmas game it is based on a combination of the movie and the book.  Then there are games that on in game calendar have Easter eggs on Christmas. I found a list of Christmas games on Wikipedia.

The Simpsons Tapped out has had a yearly Christmas time event with snow and Christmas lights.  Speaking of The Simpsons if one was to play Hit and Run on Christmas the main menu would know and have Homer asleep on the sofa in a Santa outfit.  Going back to the Arkham series in Arkham City if you visit Calendar man’s cell on Christmas he will tell you about a murder he had commit on that day it’s troubling sure but it is there.  I found these on the 20 Best In-Game Holiday Events list the link is posted here to find the full list and give credit where due.

Thank you for you time today.  If you have any Christmas video game memories leave a comment about them please.  Once again I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year I will see everyone in 2019.  I continue to look forward to your corrections…………….I mean your thoughts thank you.